Custom Tours

Eurosoccer Centre of Excellence provides American teams with a unique opportunity to play perfectly matched opponents in the UK. Our Director of Coaching, Gavin Owen-Thomas, the former Director of Arsenal Ladies Centre of Excellence in London, has a long and distinguished career coaching youth teams in the US...and few people have as much knowledge and US teams as he does.   He's also runs the largest youth soccer website on the Internet -
       Eurosoccer Centre of Excellence was born out of a mismatch between a top American team and a British counterpart. A Region One championship boys team toured the UK and played five games, blowing away all opposition. Their final game pitched them against Charlton Athletic. Charlton knew nothing of the American team and fielded a younger team - and were not able to compete. It was a disappointing game for both teams. Afterwards both coaches complained to Gavin about the inability to match the teams up properly.  

      So, with our in-depth knowledge youth soccer on both sides of the Atlantic we are able to custom design a tour to England that will provide your team with great opponents and great games. We can organize scrimmages with Academy teams from Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United, Charlton Athletic, Leeds, Wolves, and many more.

All tours start in London where teams get indepth coaching from some of England's top youth coaches. All work for either Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Fulham, Chelsea, Charlton Athletic or West Ham United, and all hold EUFA A Licenses. Our coaches travel with your team to all games, and assist when needed. 

If you want to talk to us about custom designing your tour to the UK, please e-mail us.  
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