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“We are the best, first, etc..” a lot of brokers and agents claim to be the best. At SimplySOLD we believe “the best” is in the eyes of the client and having proven results.
  1. To sell your house at the right price
  2. To sell your house in the time frame you want
  3. To minimize your commission costs and buyer discounts
  4. To do it all with as little hassle for you as possible

To accomplish your goals SimplySOLD developed one of the best marketing systems in the industry, available exclusively from SimplySOLD Agents. Remember, with our SimplySOLD guarantee all you have to do is call us, then call the rest - you will SEE the difference!

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What does the SimplySOLD program include?
Trained real estate negotiators
Selling a home is one of life's major financial events.  With SimplySOLD you have a trained real estate negotiator who knows how to negotiate the best deal on your behalf, and work through any issues to get the deal closed.
Your negotiator will be using the SimplySOLD Situation AnalysisSM to understand your unique situation.

Your SimplySOLD agent is trained to use our exclusive system to determine the right price and commission program to meet your specific needs. Our system calculates the projected number of months your house will be on the market given the house's characteristics, the demographics of your neighborhood and other demand variables. If can also calculate the difference in the length of time your house might be on the market if you increase or decrease your target price or offer specific incentives.  Bottom line, it puts more money in your pocket!

For example, the Johnson family has a house they purchased for $160,000, their note is $1000 and $100 goes to principal a month. The SimplySOLD Situation AnalysisSM program projects that if they priced the house at $210,000 it would probably stay on the market for two to eight months, but if they priced it at $207,000 it would stay on the market for 2 months. With our proprietary SimplySOLD Situation AnalysisSM program the Johnson's gross would increase by nearly $5000! and have it sold up to six months faster.

SimplySOLD Variable RateSimplySOLDSM Program
Our SimplySOLD Variable RateSimplySOLDSM program allows us to customize a commission program specifically to meet your needs. In fact, one of our programs reduces your commission rate to as little as 2%.

SimplySOLD Direct Connect SM Hotline

Every one of our listings include a unique, real telephone number dedicated specifically to your house. When someone drives by or grabs a flyer and calls your number they get an instant description of the house. With most brokers and agents this hot buyer lead is required to leave a message, but with SimplySOLD Direct ConnectSM , the hot lead can instantly connect with the agent. In fact, the system will actually find your agent or team members wherever they are so they can talk to the potential buyer and close the deal while the buyer is "hot".

SimplySOLD Agent Follow-meSM
All of our agents have direct line numbers, no waiting on receptionists or wading through one of those annoying “auto attendants”. With SimplySOLD Agent Follow-meSM, simply dial your personal agents direct number and our advanced system will automatically locate your agent whether they are in the office, at home or on an appointment, and connect them to you instantly. No need to remember home numbers, cell phone or office numbers. At SimplySOLD, we believe we need to be available for you when you need us.

SimplySOLD Direct Marketing
We have tens of thousands of marketing dollars at work for you to make sure your home sells quickly. You can rest easy knowing that one of the most extensive and aggressive marketing programs in the industry is getting your property the visibility it needs. This program includes Internet, direct marketing, print marketing and more.

BUYER/SELLER Lead Exchange

The moment your home is entered into SimplySOLD's new electronic matching system, any buyer (including other brokerages using this system) will automatically and instantly be notified when your property meets the criteria of any active buyer. Also SimplySOLD will instantly be able to tell how many active buyers are looking for your property.

You'll be able to login via the internet and see the schedule of listing appointments for your house, and track in real time feedback from those appointments.

Again, our offer is guaranteed. Call or fill out the form below, talk to our Agent, then talk to the rest.  The difference is clear. (SimplySOLD will not sell your information to anyone. This a service we provide to help the consumer with information.)
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