Starters (appetizer-sized soups not available for take-out orders)
FRESH BASIL ROLLS - $4 Lettuce, vermicelli, carrots, Thai basil and shrimp wrapped in tender rice paper
CABBAGE WRAP - $5 Pork and tofu or tofu and vegetables in spicy bean sauce. Served with cabbage leaves
EDAMAME - $3 Steamed, salted Japanese soybeans
SCALLION PANCAKE (dinner only) - $4
VEGETABLLE SPRING ROLLS - $4 Vegetables wrapped in a crispy spring roll wrapper.
SHRIMP ROLLS - $4 Shrimp filling wrapped in a crispy spring roll wrapper.
MISO CUP - $2 Soba noodles, scallions and wakame in vegetarian miso
COCONUT CHICKEN CUP- $2 Chicken, mushrooms, thai basil and
chili oil in creamy coconut milk chicken broth

Soup Bowls
JAPANESE MISO SOBA - Shiitakes, greens, scallions, carrots and soba noodles in vegetarian miso broth  tofu- $5; salmon- $8
  CHINESE CHICKEN - $6 Chicken, shiitakes, greens, scallions, carrots, egg noodles in chicken broth
THAI COCONUT CHICKEN - $7 Chicken, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, vermicelli, chili oil and lemongrass in rich, creamy coconut chicken broth

JAPANESE CABBAGE SALAD - $3 Tossed in light Japanese vinaigrette
THAI NOODLE SALAD - $6.50 Chicken or tofu, napa cabbage, vegetables and egg noodles in spicy peanut dressing
VIETNAMESE VERMICELLI SALAD - Cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts, Thai basil, vermicelli, lettuce and peanuts. Tossed in vietnamese dressing.  chicken or tofu-$6  shrimp, salmon, vegetable spring rolls, shrimp rolls-$8

Noodle Bowls
Your choice of: Veggies only, Chicken or Tofu - $6 Shrimp or Salmon- $8
CHINESE LO MEIN - Traditional Chinese stir-fry of cabbage, onions, carrots and egg noodles
SPICY THAI BASIL - Carrots, red peppers, onions & rice noodles in spicy thai sauce
CHINESE BLACK BEAN - Carrots, red peppers, onions and rice noodles in rich black bean sauce
TOMATO GINGER - Eggplant, red peppers, onions, Thai basil and rice noodles in tomato ginger sauce
PAD THAI - Traditional Thai noodles with onions, egg, peanuts and rice noodles (please, no salmon)
JAPANESE YAKIUDON - Carrots, onions and udon noodles in sweet, tangy tonkatsu sauce

Rice Plates
Your choice of: Veggies Only, Chicken or Tofu - $6 Shrimp or Salmon- $8
THAI BROCCOLI - Broccoli, carrots and onions stir-fried in Thai sweet chili sauce
SZECHWAN STIR FRY - Lots of fresh veggies stir-fried in Chinese szechwan sauce
MASSAMAN CURRY - Japanese eggplant, carrots, onions, potatoes and peanuts in coconut massaman curry sauce
RED CURRY - Japanese eggplant, red peppers, onions and potatoes in coconut red curry sauce
EGGPLANT IN GARLIC SAUCE - Japanese eggplant, red peppers and onions in sweet/spicy sauce
SAUTEED GREEN BEANS - Green beans and scallions stir-fried in Cantonese sauce
THAI FRIED RICE - Snow peas, carrots, onions, tomato and egg stir-fried with jasmine rice

Kid's Bowls - $3 (kids 10 and under, please)
KID'S SOUP - Chicken or tofu, broccoli, carrots and egg noodles
KID'S STIR FRY - Chicken or tofu, broccoli, carrots and jasmine rice
KID'S LO MEIN - Chicken or tofu, broccoli, carrots and egg noodles

- Vegetarian, upon request
- Spicy

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