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The NRLS (National Real Estate Listing Service) is the first product to combine the back office and front office functions of the Real Estate business.
Our system will be an easy to use, seamless web based subscription product. In other words, we will provide to you a product that you can get all your Real Estate needs 24/7, with any web enabled computer at a low monthly fee.

Powered by the RealMarket™ Buyer/Seller matching system, NRLS consolidates the Commercial, Residential and MLS software system by becoming the front and back end entry point for Real Estate transactions.

NRLS can be considered the software “consolidator” by offering a complete web based suite, making obsolete dozens of applications and 800 independent MLS databases. It revolutionizes the manual and inefficient methods that are currently used in commercial and residential Real Estate transactions today. This is done by providing the first nationwide real-time database of Sellers and Buyers.

We are creating a more efficient marketplace powered by NRLS's integrated back-office software solution. Our standardized easy to use product will help the Real Estate industry move on to the next level of technology.

No more redundant data entry for each Real Estate transactions.

NRLS's application increases the productivity of Users by as much as 30% a day.

NRLS is subsidiary of NXwave Real Estate Systems.

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