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How NRLS can help Realtors and Brokers be more productive
The National Real Estate System can increase Brokers and Realtors productivity as much as 30% a day. Using NRLS will help your business with no matter what size.

Atlanta, July 19th, 2004 - Click Here for more Details Stars Starting Over
Four years after the dot-com boom went bust, there remain echoes of an era that turned 20-somethings with back-of-the-napkin business plans into instant millionaires and just as quickly made their fame and fortune disappear in a flurry of worthless stock options.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA, June 20, 2004 Click Here for more Details
SimplySOLD exceeds expectations in first six months
First Full Service Variable Rate Brokerage Delivers Solid Results to Customers and Investors

ATLANTA , May 25, 2004 Click Here for more Details
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